Recognize the signs of abuse and know exactly what to do. Here are a few FAQ’s to help you recognize when someone needs assistance.

Q: Who is mandated to report adult abuse in Texas?

A: Everyone 18 years and older with sufficient mental capacity as Texas is a mandatory reporting state.


Q: What services does APS provide?

A: Services to alleviate abuse, neglect and exploitation which includes but is not limited social services, health services i.e. emergency provider services, emergency medications, food etc.


Q: What are some signs of elder mistreatment?

A: Home in disrepair, lack of utilities and health supplies despite income, poor personal hygiene, depression, isolation, timidity in the presence of a caretaker or family member.


Q: What are signs of elder exploitation?

A: Unusual activity in bank account, unpaid bills, facing foreclosure, suspicious loans out in vulnerable adult’s name.


Q: What are signs of physical abuse?

A: Suspicious bruises, scrapes, cuts, burns or other injuries especially injuries that penetrate the skin.