Education and Support

The APS Board not only supports the elderly and disabled persons in the 13 counties that APS serves but also the APS Staff functions.  As you are aware APS is a state agency and therefore no funds are allocated for the staff or any staff related functions which the district plans on their own.  APS will host an annual All Staff Day to recognize staff for their hard work and dedication to the elderly and disabled population; this is also where the winners will be revealed for Health and Hope submission.  The APS Board will give a gift certificates to the winner of the caseworker who advocated on behalf of their clients going above and beyond.  APS board helps make each event successful by providing breakfast/lunch as needed for the following functions, College day, Galveston County Resource Day, Liberty County Resource Day and Ft Bend County Resource Day, All Staff Day and APS Conference.  Another way that the board supports APS staff is by being available during all of these functions to assist as needed.  Many or all of the board members come to the events to assist as needed by serving lunch or helping out at the events.