Advocacy and Community Outreach

Health and Hope Award Program:

Once a year in December caseworkers submit a Health and Hope story on their client’s behalf to the APS Board in hopes of making their client’s wish come true.  The APS board picks three winners and will purchase that item up to $500.00.  Some items that have been purchased include, washer/dryer, furniture, typewriter and caught up on a client’s tax payments to prevent any loss of their home and subsequent expenses.  Although only three winners were chosen last year the APS Board out of the kindness of their hearts was able to make each story submitted come true by generously reaching into their own pockets to assist in donating requested items.


Resource Rooms:

Currently APS has 7 resource rooms in the following counties, Harris (2), Liberty, Montgomery, Galveston, Brazoria and Ft Bend.  The APS Board generously gives APS $3500.00 each year to stock the rooms with needed items for the aged and disabled persons in the county.  Items such as, depends, blankets, cleaning supplies, clothes and toiletries to name a few.  The resource rooms are used by the case workers in the county to deliver to their client’s in a time of need.


Community Resource Day:

Galveston County Resource Day was devised after the devastation of Hurricane Ike which destroyed much of Galveston County.  APS began hosting “Galveston County Resource Day” in which collaborative partners from the county would come together to share resources for the aged and disabled persons who were affected by the storm.  The event was so successful that each year APS host the event to benefit those in need.  The Resource Day has proven to be effective in which APS began hosting resource days in other counties to assist the elderly and disabled population.  Liberty, Ft Bend County and Brazoria Resource Days were held last year as a result.


Emergency Funding Needs:

APS caseworkers at times run into needs for their elderly or disabled client’s that they are not able to use State Funds to Assist.  The APS board has generously allocated some of the funds for these emergency times.  For example, at times a client may need to pay for a doctor visit or obtain a driver’s license so that they can apply for benefits.  These are not approved expenditures for APS however; the board is able to help out the client during these times.   Other examples include, birth certificate, deposits for electricity etc.